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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Noggy's Second TICA show and another Final!!

Yesterday Noggy went to his second TICA show at Newbury and he was brilliant and I think he even liked it!! He certainly enjoyed shouting at the Judges while he waited to be judged. It was so funny to watch him :-)

There was another beautiful American Curl there too and he did really well to get 2 Best of Breeds and 1 Final

Katherina Krenn - 5th Best Longhair Alter 

He made us so proud and he behaved so well. We love you Noggy xx

Noggy in his Final and shouting at the Judge!
Noggy looking out!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Noggy is a TICA Champion Alter!!

Well Noggy wasn't going to let Akiro take all the glory and he did really well at his first show, which can be a bit scary! 

He made us all really proud by acheiving one final with

Mary Lise De Landsteer - 8th Best Allbreed Alter

I cried, as he is such a character and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. Thank you to Mary Lise De Landsteer for his final and the lovely comments from the rest of the Judges, who thought he was lovely if a little bit too round!

Thank you again to Claire and Stefan for bringing such a wonderful breed to the UK and for letting Noggy join our home.

Noggy shouting at the Judge to pick him!
Noggy and his rosette, way to go Noggy!