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Monday, 11 April 2011

Nog Update

Well Nog has been here for just over 2 weeks and it seems like he has always been here. He has met my mum and dad and he definitely has a new fan! My dad thinks he is a "Great little fella"

At the moment I am trying to write this with Nog's help! Well it is his blog I suppose he wants editorial rights :-)

Nog has made a partner in mischief with Mojo, the photo below was taken on Saturday morning after a morning of fun and loads of mischief!

Nog has a squeak and when he wants something he squeaks! He also squeaks when he sees me first thing in the morning and whenever I enter a room Nog is in. It is very sweet. Nog also loves to purr, he even purrs in his sleep which is funny but a little bit odd, but then that's Nog!

On Saturday night Nog showed us how good he is at climbing curtains, which got a frown off Andy. I said "Mojo must have shown him that!" Andy wasn't convinced LOL

So Nog is settling in well and he definitely brings a bit of Nog fun to our home everyday...

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