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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Introducing Nog!

We are very happy to announce the arrival of Nog our first American Curl!

This is Nog!

(photo by Claire Winman)

This is Nog and his brother Egg and his Grandma Disney :-)

(photo by Claire Winman)

This is Nog (on the right) and his brother Egg

(photo by Claire Winman)

So how did Nog come to join our family. It started a couple of years ago when I first saw Claire at a show with Disney. Disney did brilliantly at the shows and I was fascinated by her sweet look and nature. Disney then had her first litter and we saw the kittens at a TICA show, I really wanted one but unfortunately it was when Kahlan was poorly and the timing just seemed wrong.

Then last year I contacted Claire about the possibility of adopting our first American Curl. I was initially hoping for a girl but then Nog came a long and his sweet face stole my heart. I contacted Claire and arranged to visit to meet Nog and the rest of the gang but I couldn't wait and I emailed Claire to see if we could adopt Nog and Claire said yes :-)

So last Saturday we went to Claire and Stefan's there we met Nog and his lovely family. We then brought Nog home and this photo was taken his first night here.

Now a week later it seems like he has always been here! He has captured my heart and for our first introduction to the American Curl breed he is a fantastic ambassador!

Nog loves to purr and he has a big purr! We are used to big purrs with the Siberians but Nog does love to show off his purr! And his character is brilliant, he loves a cuddle and to play. He has made friends with Fudge, well he headbutts Fudge and he has made friends with Mojo. They play and run around and just get up to kitten mischief!

This is one of Mojo and Nog on the sofa this morning after some play fighting, it was time for a wash and a sleep.

Nog is already showing off his intelligence as he has learnt how to make the worm toy wiggle, he puts his paw on it and pulls the tail. It is great to watch and it is definitely his favourite toy.

I am so happy to have Nog, or Noggy or Nogs or even Noglet he knows all his names. These past few months have been up and down and we have had sad news recently with the passing of Calix and Mercury. But Nog has helped in his own little way and he loves to be carried around which was one of Kahlan's favourite pastimes too.

I am hoping to keep this blog updated with Nog news and if you think you would like to be owned by an American Curl please visit Claire's website as Nog's brother Egg is still looking for his forever home and when we met him and having had Nog for a week they really are a truly lovely breed.

Thank you Claire and Stefan for letting Nog join our home :-)

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